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Plenary Session

Worldwide Diversity Management of "Global Access" Renault/Dacia's Vehicle Range by Using a Modern PLM System
Bogdan Badescu, Pascal Candau
Mobility for Tomorrow
Peter Gutzmer
New EU Real Driving Emission Legislation (RDE) – The Big Challenge
Gerolf Strohmeier
Auto-Mobility of the Future – Development of Functions and Techniques
Cornel Stan
Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Pneumatic Tires on Soft Soil and Icy Roads
Corina Sandu

Innovative Solution for Motor Vehicles

Experimental Research Regarding the Possibility of Biofuel Fumigation Supply Method on a Single Cylinder Compression Ignited Engine
Doru Laurean Baldean, Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Dan Moldovanu, Ferenc Gaspar, Adela Ioana Borzan, Mihai Aurel Crisan
Contributions in Experimental Research Concerning Diesel Fuel Supply and Lubrication in the Case of Comparative Study Between Euro V and IV Common Rail Engines
Doru Laurean Baldean, Mihai Aurel Crisan, Adela Ioana Borzan
Study on a Stratified Charge Spark Ignition Automotive Engine
Edward Rakosi, Sorinel Talif, Gheorghe Manolache, Adrian Sachelarie
Researches on Cooling Air Flow Control Devices Using on Cars with Internal Combustion Engines
Spiridon-Cristian-Dan Dascalescu, Marius Receanu, Laurentiu Dimitriu, Liliana Vornicu-Albu
Balancing of a Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor with Elastic Elements
Doru Groza, Ioan Calin Rosca, Gheorghe Alexandru Radu
The Calculation Algorithm for the Determination of the Temperature at the End of the Intake Stroke for GDI Engines
Tudor Mitran, Vasile Blaga, Sorin Moca, George Dragomir, Dinu Fodor
Modeling the Energy Evaluation for an Electric Machine
Valerian Croitorescu, Alexandru Manta, Mircea Oprean
Diagnosing the Operation of a Locomotive Diesel Engine based on the Analysis of Used Oil in the Period Between Two Technical Revisions
Catalin Victor Zaharia, Rodica Niculescu, Victor Iorga, Catalin Ducu, Adrian Clenci, Bogdan Aron
Chassis Opportunities for the Future – Unique Actuators & Applications Solutions Made by Schaeffler
Manfred Kraus, Harald Hochmuth, Hartmut Krehmer, Markus Baeuml, Roland Langer, Dominik Reif, Florin Dobre
Development of a Seat Heating System with Far-Infrared Radiation
Mariana Ivanescu, Ionel Vieru, Catalin Adrian Neacsu, Florin Serban, Ion Tabacu
Multi-domain and Multi-body Analysis of a Hydrostatic Hybrid Drive System
Horia Abaitancei, Sebastian Radu, Daniel Tohoneanu, Calin Husar
Study on the Sliding Contact Between the Piston and the Swash Plate for an Axial Hydrostatic Motor
Horia Abăităncei, Sebastian Radu, Cristi Irimia, Mihail Grovu

Automotive Vehicles and Environment

Research on Gasoline Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine
Corneliu Cofaru
Study of the Diesel Engine Cycle Variability at LPG Fuelling
Liviu Nemoianu, Alexandru Cernat, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Cristian Nutu
Aspects of Experimental Research on Hydrogen Fuelled Automotive Diesel Engine
Ionel Mirica, Alexandru Cernat, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Cristian Nutu
The Effects of a Diesel-Ethanol Blend Without Additives on Diesel Engine Operation
Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Calin Iclodean, George Popescu, Nicolae Filip
Mission CO2-Reduction
Roland Seebacher
Modeling of Performances of a Vehicle Provided with Spark-Ignition Engine which Uses Two Energy Sources: Gasoline and Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Valentin Nisulescu, Florian Ivan, Gheorghe Fratila, Gheorghe Banca
Experimental Research Concerning the Influence of the Electrochemical Reactions Induced by Products of an Electrolytic Cell over the Emission Pollutants in ICE
Marius Nicolae Moldoveanu, Cheng Lin Tang, Cornel N. Aramă
Energy-Based Approach to Model a Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Design its Powertrain Controller and Energy Management Strategy
Nicole Salloum, Serge Francis, Charbel Mansour
Electronic Control Systems of E-SMART Vehicle
Radu Tarulescu, Stelian Tarulescu
Battery Management System of E-SMART Vehicle
Radu Tarulescu, Stelian Tarulescu
Direct Injection of Diesel and Ethanol in a Diesel Engine - A Numerical Analysis
Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Calin Iclodean, Dan Moldovanu, Nicolae Filip
Dynamic Control of an Electric Vehicle with Traction Induction Motor
Marius Constantin Georgescu
A Propulsion System for Means of Transport with Non-Autonomous Electrical Traction
Tudor Mitran, Nicolae Chioreanu, Catalin Chioreanu, Alexandru Rus, Horia Beles
Researches on Combustion Quality for a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu
The Influence of Biodiesel on Engine Combustion and CO2 Emissions
Bogdan Cornel Benea
Modeling the Performances of a Vehicle Provided with a Hybrid Electric Diesel Propulsion System (HEVD)
Gheorghe Banca, Florian Ivan, Gheorghe Fratila, Valentin Nisulescu
Validation of a Human-and-Hardware-in-the-Loop Control Algorithm Using Real Time Simulation
Ionut Alexandru Stoica, Marius Valentin Bataus, Ioan Mircea Oprean
Model for predicting the Performance and Exhaust Gas Emissions of a Diesel Engine Fuelled by Diesel and Biodiesel B20 . Simulation and Validation
Mohanad Aldhaidhawi, Viorel Badescu, Radu Chiriac
Consideration on the Implications of the WLTC - (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Test Cycle) for a Middle Class Car
Adrian Razvan Sibiceanu, Viorel Nicolae, Florian Ivan, Adrian Iorga
Performances of Engines Fueled with Biodiesel of Rapeseed and Jatropha Oil
Fazal Um Min Allah, Marin Bica, Dragos Tutunea, Alexandru Dima
Contactless Battery Charging for EV/HEV
Andrei Marinescu, Adrian Vintila, Danut Gabriel Marinescu, Viorel Nicolae
Study of some Tribological Aspects of the Charging System of an IC Engine
Levente Botond Kocsis, Monica Balcau, Aurica Cazila
Influence of Speed and Geometry on Guide Friction Contribution in Global Power Loss of a Tooth Chain Drive
Radu Papuc, Radu Velicu, Christoph Brands, Frank Schlerege

Advanced Transport Systems and Road Traffic

Skills and competences development for the professionals of the future transportation sector – The SKILLFUL project
Matina Loukea, Evangelos Bekiaris, Maria Panou, Thierry Goger, Adewole Adesiyun
Bus Routing Safety for the Transportation of Children to School
Eleni Chalkia, Jose Maria Salanova Grau, Evangelos Bekiaris, Georgia Ayfandopoulou, Chiara Ferarini, Evangelos Mitsakis
Cooperative smart intersection as an enabler of Advanced Traffic Management Systems
Laura Coconea, Gonzalo Alcaraz, Renato Augusto Lira de Andrade
Smart Solar Electric Tricycle
Mohamed Dahbi, Said Doubabi, Ahmed Rachid
Urban Transportation Solutions for the CO2 Emissions Reduction Contributions
Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu
Programming an Autonomous Mini-Vehicle in Narrow Environments
Emanuel Giurgiu, Teodora Girbacia, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan
Analysis of the Influence of One-Way Streets on the Urban Road Networks Connectivity
Daniela Florea, Dinu Covaciu, Janos Timar
About Uncontrollable Reactions of the Driver Due to Skin Mechanical Stimuli
Alexandru Bogdan, Silviu Butnariu
Development of an Advanced Driver Assistance System using RGB-D Camera
Alin Pantea, Florin Girbacia, Teodora Girbacia
Study on the Influence of Intersections with Forest Roads upon the Traffic Flows on Highways
Constantin Alexandru Bratu, Dinu Covaciu
A Method for Transforming Electric Vehicles to become Autonomous Vehicles
Mihai Kocsis, Andreas Schultz, Raoul Zöllner, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan
Improving the Road Traffic Regulation in the Area of Roundabout Intersections Function of the Traffic Streams Size
Elena Neagu, Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Ionel Vieru, Alexandru Boroiu
Traffic Optimization in Urban Area - Roundabout Versus Lights Case Studies
Nicolae Filip, Claudiu Golgot
Mathematical Algorithm for Calculating the Total Traffic Lights Cycle in Junctions
Lucian Matei, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila
Asymmetric Encryption for the Autonomous Vehicle
Ron Davidescu, Eugen Negrus
Study Regarding Indicators of Air Pollution Caused by Traffic in the City of Cluj-Napoca
Ioan Aurel Chereches, Ilarie Ivan, Liana Muresan

Advanced Engineering Methods

Collaborative Design & Use of Interactive Simulations: Boost the Learning Environment in Road Vehicle Dynamics Curriculum
Moien Mehrtash, Dan Centea
Methods for Modeling of an Elastic System with Permanent Contour Coupling Deformation
Hariton Poparad
Equipment and Methods Used for Assessment of the Vehicle's Systems Vibrations on Rough Terrain
Marian Mitroi, Anghel Chiru
Systems Engineering Requires Digital Twins of Machine Elements
Willi Theodor Gruender
Presentation of Tests with a Dynamometer related to the Determination of Fuel Consumption in the NEDC and WLTC Driving Cycles and as well related to the Dynamic Behavior of Vehicles
Michael Butsch, Valerio Rescigno
Analysis of the Influence of the Drive Force Distribution between Axles on an Automobile Stability in its Curvilinear Motion
Andrzej Reński
Kinematic and Dynamic Study of a Mechanism for a Vehicle Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars
Nicolae Dumitru, Cristian Copilusi, Ionut Geonea, Alexandru Margine
Validation of Kinematic Simulation of Sprocket Contacts of Chain Links by Experiments
Karim Shalaby, Florin Corciova, Simona Lache
Comparative Study on the Performances of the One-Way Hydraulic Valves
Marius Lazar, Anghel Chiru, Dan Mihai Dogariu
Experimental Researches on the Magneto-Rheological Dampers Response to the Control Parameters
Alexandru Dobre, Nicolae Vasiliu, Cristian Nicolae Andreescu
Comparative Study on the Performances of Aerodynamic Devices Used in Decreasing of the Automobiles Lift Force
Angel Huminic, Gabriela Huminic, Marius Carauleanu, Constantin Ciolofan
Modelling and Optimization of Constructive Form for GO-NOGO Exterior and Interior Diameter Gauges
Iulian Alexandru Orzan, Constantin Buzatu
Study on Mixture Formation at an Experimental Spark Ignition Engine
Dan Mihai Dogariu, Anghel Chiru, Stelian Tarulescu, Marius Lazar, Vlad Stefan Stancu
New Approaches in Designing a Race Car Chassis for an Engineering Competition
Ionut Furnea, Silviu Butnariu
Estimation of Boiling Points of Brake Fluids
István Barabás, Adrian Todoruț, Nicolae Cordoș
Evaluation by Experimental Methods of the Parameters that Influence the Behavior of Various Passenger Cars Classes in the Braking Process
Adrian Todoruț, Nicolae Cordoș, István Barabás, Sorin Miheț
Novel Simulation Methodology for the Estimation of the Flow Mark Risk Associated with the Injection of Mass Colored Plastic Materials
Alexandru Ioan Ciobanas
Reinvestigation of the Electromagnetic Valve Train (EMVT) Technology
Christian Trebehs, Doru Groza
Validation Procedure for Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle via Hardware in the Loop - Real Time Testing
Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Nicolae Burnete, Calin Iclodean
Expanded Polypropylene Finite Element Analysis in Transport Application
Alexander Schwarz, Catalin Andrei Runcianu, Andreas Gebhardt
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of a Twin Sheet Thermoplastic Structure with Rectangular Frusta
Stefan Tabacu, Claudiu Diaconescu, Alexandru Oltean
Aspects Concerning Modeling of Combustion for Compression Ignition Engine with Injection Management
Dan Mihai Dogariu, Anghel Chiru, Stelian Tarulescu, Marius Lazar
Weight Optimization of Existing Transmission Housing for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles Using Correlated Simulation and Experimental Tools
Kandreegula Suresh Kumar, Dheeraj Kumar Singh
Structural Dynamic Applications Using Principal Component Analysis Method
Mircea Niculescu, Cristi Irimia, Ioan Calin Rosca, Mihail Grovu, Maria Violeta Guiman
Belt Losses Evaluation for a Push-Belt CVT
Valerian Croitorescu, Codrin Cuciurean, Mircea Oprean
Functional Description of Hybrid Transmissions and Design Aspects
Martin Vornehm
Evaluation of the Behavior in Cornering for Different Classes of Passenger Cars by Numerical Modeling
Nicolae Cordos, Adrian Todoruţ, István Barabás, Radu Daniel Mureşan
Experimental Investigation of a Vehicle Behavior Using Different Complex Data Acquisition Systems
Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Dragos Tutunea, Lucian Matei, Alexandru Dima, Alexandru Oprica
About the Steering Kinematics of the Road Trains
Ion Preda, Dinu Covaciu
A Development of the Validation System of Indirect TPMS
DongJin Na, SeungHwan Shin, SangHeon Lee, YangNam Lim
Studies Regarding the Influence of the Squish In-Cylinder Movement of the Air in a Diesel Engine
Dan Moldovanu, Ioana Adela Borzan
Establishing the 3D Profile of Vehicle Car Body Elements in the Virtual Environment
Camil Tudor, Gheorghe-Alexandru Radu, Laurentiu Manea
The Study of Engines Functioning Based on Experimental Data
Ramona Monica Stoica, Virgilius Justinian Radulescu, Daniel Neagu, Catalin Trocan, Ion Copae
Simulation Environment for Fatigue Analysis of Car Wheel Rim under Radial Fatigue Test
Mihail Grovu, Cristi Irimia, Ioan Calin Rosca, Calin Husar, Maria Violeta Guiman
Geometric Constraints at the Valve Actuation Mechanism with Spherical Contact between the Lever and the Head of the Valve
Nicolae Doru Stanescu, Ionut Dragomir, Nicolae Pandrea, Adrian Clenci, Dinel Popa
The Study of the Aerodynamic Behavior of an Electric Kart Using CAD and CFD Methods
Constantin Cristian Cioroianu, Ion Tabacu, Adrian Iorga
Numerical Simulation Study of a Hybrid Road Vehicle Regarding Fuel Economy and Ambient Emission Delivery
Nicolae Stelian Lontis, Liviu Nicolae Mihon, Ion Vetres
Diagnosis of the Unit Injection Pump’s Elements
Liviu Nicolae Mihon, Geza Mihai Erdodi, Nicolae Stelian Lontis
Thermodynamic Process Modeling in Pressure Wave Superchargers
Iuliana Costiuc, Anghel Chiru
Kinematic Optimization of the Rack and Pinion Steering-System of an Automobile: An Example
Adrian Mazilu, Ion Preda
Aspects Concerning Modeling and Simulation of a Car Suspension with Multi-Body Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis Software Packages
Andrei Dumitru, Ion Preda, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan

Heavy and Special Vehicles

Simultaneous Influences of Tyre Pressure and Steering Geometry upon the Theoretical Speed Ratio in the Running Gear System of Four-Wheel Drive Tractors
Mircea Nastasoiu, Nicolae Ispas
Analysis of the Comfort of the Seats Used in Light Military Vehicles
Marian Mitroi, Anghel Chiru
Aspects Regarding the Kinematic Optimization of a Tracked Military Vehicle’s Transmission
Octavian Alexa, Radu Vilau, Ovidiu Constantin Ilie, Daniela Voicu, Marin Marinescu
Design of a Vehicle for Disabled People Motion
Nicolae Dumitru, Ionut Daniel Geonea, Petre Cristian Copilusi, Mihnea Cataneanu

New Materials, Manufacturing Technologies and Logistics

Cleaning Methods for Flux Pollution Measurement in Automotive Coolant Loop Components
Hervé Bourgeais, Claire Demarcq
The Quality Management Principles and their Incindence within ISO 9001:2015
Laurentiu Aurel Mihail
The Evaluation of Rheological Properties of Composites Reinforced with Hemp Subjected to Photo and Thermal Degradation
Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Ioan Curtu, Mihai Groza, Adriana Savin
Advanced Automotive Assembly Line Trends as Tools in Optimizing Production Line Performance
Hariton Poparad
Potential Capabilities of Shape Memory Driven Automotive Devices
Joachim Strittmatter, Paul Guempel, Oskar Lattner
Design and Development of Chassis along with Novel Under Run Protection Devices for Commercial Vehicles with the Use of an Innovative Approach Resulting in Lighter Weight of the Vehicle
Ashesh Anil Shah, Himanshu Arora
Product Quality Control Optimization for Selection of Measurement and Control Devices
Constantin Buzatu, Iulian Alexandru Orzan
Optimization of the Plastic Injection Molding Parameters by using Taguchi Method to Prevent Jammed Components in the Assembly Process of the Mechatronic Devices
Cristian Ion Braga, Anisor Nedelcu
Applicability of Composite Forming Technologies for Automotive Components
Lucian Eugen Rad, Anghel Chiru
Constructive Optimization of Composite Materials Automotive Components
Anghel Chiru, Lucian Eugen Rad
Improvement of the 8D Analysis through a System Based on the "Internet of Things" Concept
Eugen-Viorel Nicolae, Laurenţiu Mihai Ionescu, Nadia Belu, Luminiţa Elena Știrbu
Key Characteristics of the World Class Manufacturing Concept in the Production of Chassis for Buses Industry
Cosmin Ştirbu, Elena Luminiţa Ştirbu, Nadia Belu, Eugen-Viorel Nicolae
A Case Study Regarding the Implementation of Six Sigma in an Assembly Process for the Automotive Parts
Dorin Dumitrascu, Adela-Eliza Dumitrascu, Anghel Chiru
Technology Trends in the Automotive Industry
Holger Pätzold
Vibrations During Centerless Grinding
Karsten Otto
Analysis of the Car Bodywork Protective Coating’s Destruction in Contact with Marine Bird Droppings on the Black Sea Coast
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea, Camil Tudor
Analysis of the Mid Day Temperature of the Sun Expose Side of the Car Bodywork Protective Coating in Relation with the Contact Destructions with Marine Bird Droppings on the Black Sea Coast
Adriana Teodora Manea, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Gheorghe Alexandru Radu, Dragos Sorin Dima
Tribosystems Modeling with Reciprocating Sliding
Andrei Postaru, Gheorghe Postaru, Victor Ceban

Accident Research and Analysis

Example of a High-Speed, Side-Impact, Car Crash Reconstruction Using a Planar Multibody Software
Petru A. Simionescu, Ion Preda
Pedestrian Dynamics During the Contact Phase with the Vehicle
Adrian Soica
Vehicle Driver Drowsiness Monitoring and Warning System
Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Alexandru Rus, Tudor Mitran, Bogdan Tataru, Ovidiu Moldovan
Determination of Kinematic and Dynamic Behaviour in the Driver’s Skull upon the Impact with the Steering Wheel
Oana Victoria Otat, Nicolae Dumitru, Victor Otat, Ilie Dumitru
Crash Tests Data Acquisition and Processing
Dinu Covaciu, Dragos Sorin Dima
The Importance of Consumed Energy for Deformation in Study of Collision
Mihai Constantin Clinciu, Anghel Chiru, Stefanita Ciunel
Aspects Regarding the Reconstruction of Traffic Events
Mihai Constantin Clinciu, Anghel Chiru, Stefanita Ciunel
Research Regarding Occupant’s Movement in the Case of Frontal Collision Using High-Speed Video Recording
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Corneliu Cofaru, Bogdan Tolea, Daniel Dragos Trusca, Horia Beles
Comparative Analysis of Kinematics and Dynamics Parameters that Characterize Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision
Alexandru Petrescu, Liviu Petrescu
Research Regarding Pedestrian Visibility during Night-Time using Photo Processing
Bogdan Tolea, Daniel Dragos Trusca, Csaba Antonya, Alexandru Ionut Radu, Dragos Sorin Dima
The Assessment of the Head Injury of a Pedestrian in Comparison with a Cyclist
Bogdan Tolea, Stelian Tarulescu, Daniel Dragos Trusca, George Toganel, Alexandru Ionut Radu
Research Regarding the Influence of Vehicle’s Safety Restraint Systems on its Occupants in Case of Rear-End Collision
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Corneliu Cofaru, Bogdan Tolea, Daniel Dragos Trusca, George Toganel
Estimating the Costs Caused by Road Traffic Accidents in Romania
Alin Drosu, Corneliu Cofaru
Cars Crashes with Cars of Same or Different Generation – Occupant’s Loads, Timings and Acceleration’s Effects
Nicolae Ispas, Mircea Nastasoiu
Is the Virtual Homologation for Pedestrian Protection Viable?
Silvia Santos Cuadros, Carolina Alvarez Caldas, Jose Luis San Roman Garcia
Study Regarding the Visibility Geometry in Vehicles Rear View Mirrors
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Corneliu Cofaru, Daniel Trusca, Bogdan Tolea, Horia Beles
Aspects Regarding the Analysis and Reconstruction of Car Crashes
Ramona Monica Stoica, Virgilius Justinian Radulescu, Daniel Neagu, Catalin Trocan, Ion Copae
Studies About the Front Bumper Performance During a Pedestrian Leg Impact
Bogdan Alexandru Constantin, Daniel Iozsa, Gheorghe Fratila
The Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation of a Car Frame Coating Thickness - Element in a Legal Cause Settlement of an Insurance Proof
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea, Dragos Sorin Dima

Student Congress

The Mecathronic Control System of Vehicle's Pneumatic Suspension – Educational Stand
Ionel Serban, Adriana Teodora Manea, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea
BrizAR - a Didactical and Ecological Prototype
Marius Raducan, Ionel Serban, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea
Boby smARt - a Didactical Prototype
Ainur Aedin, Ozgun Aptichelean, Petrica Burlacu, Florin Condurache, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea
Phase Field Simulation of Normal Grain Growth
Ahmed Dimokrati, Mustafa Benyoucef
Phase Field Modeling of the Microstructure Evolution in Aeronautical Superalloys
Oussama Boualy, Hassan Mharzi, Mustafa Benyoucef, Yann Le Bouar
Design and Construction of a Race Car
Ion Gavriloae, Robert Barabas, Sebastian Aftanasa
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Recycling Processes and Remanufacturing Technologies for Automotive Industry
Laurentiu Ionut Carabulea, Madalina Gabriela Tamasan, Lucian Eugen Rad, Anghel Chiru
Winding Technology for Carbon Fiber Liners
Madalina Gabriela Tamasan, Laurentiu Carabulea, Lucian Eugen Rad, Anghel Chiru
Coordination of Transport Activities Aided by Intelligent Systems
Adrian Ionita

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